Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Last Weaving!

Me having a great time in the loop!

Irish lace/silk twist versus silk.

So I sold my loom...and I miss it more everyday...

With my last weaving I made three cowel/loops so I could stay nice and cozy while venturing through the city this winter. The other two are for sale in my etsy shop...( Tis the season to be giving! For the warp I used a mixture of two yarns a crinkly yarn known as irish lace and raw silk. When I made the warp I used both yarns for most of the warp, and then broke up the two yarns so that the weaving could showcase the mixture of the yarns, and each yarn separately. I think the result of doing this turned out great; the pattern is clear on the silk side and broken where the irish lace is mixed in with the silk. For the weft I used mainly a handspun cotton yarn which I dyed a faded seafoam color and a finer cotton yarn (berry color) in some spots for contrast.

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