Monday, April 30, 2012

San bite at a time

I can't say much other than that, Erich and I thoroughly enjoyed every bit of our vacation together in San Francisco.  The weather was unseasonably warm, we reunited with old lost friends, and got a taste or two or three of what it was like to live in San Francisco.  We are whole-heartedly ready to make our return!  Just last night we were riding the subway and he said to me, so should we should stay on this train and take it to JFK?  I knew he was joking, but I was genuinely into the idea!  Now to share some picts Erich took via his little iphone camera (pretty good shots surprisingly) and a few from mine.

First day we arrived, we stumbled upon a little spot in Hayes Valley that had some food trucks and then two permanent vendors, ritual coffee and smitten ice cream (they make ice cream to order with some sort of crazy scientific method!)

 Erich ordering at Ritual Coffee.  Smitten was on the other side; we had that another day.  The texture of the ice cream reminded me of board walk soft serve.  Not my preference.  I like the full fat ice cream if I am going to have it, but it was pretty cool to see the ice cream crystalize before you in just a few minutes.

Ritual Coffee machiato and treats.

 Inspiring mural near Ritual Coffee.

Sipping on some Jo after a long flight.

      We came back to this little park area quite a lot during our trip since it was close to our hotel, and a fun spot to have a snack and layout in the park.  After some food and coffee in our system, we hiked around San Francisco, and when I say hiked, I mean hiked!

Alamo Park.  Apparently we were right near the full house place and didn't even realize it!

Windy day on top of a hill, checking out the scenery.

 Neat fence, housing an even neater co-op/home grown produce garden.

     We stopped in a little french food grocer to see if we could spy our next meal.  The pickings look good, but when in San Francisco, one eats tacos instead!

C'est frommage!

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Macaroons and Miel

   My two best friends have been gushing about macaroons and Miel's macaroons in particular for some time, so a few weeks ago Erich and I gave them a try.  Needless to say they were delish and now I have a new craving to feed.

pistachio and chocolate coconut.

If you visit Philly, you must go to there!

Miel's Patisserie
204 S 17th St, 
Philadelphia Pa 19103

Friday, April 13, 2012


Sorry I have been MIA, I've been uber busy at work and going through a bit of a rough patch.

On the bright side, I worked on my loom last weekend thanks to Erich. (The tension spring was being a little funny). It was very nice. I'm especially excited about using this multi color chainette yarn that my co-worker picked up for me in France!

I will hopefully be back to making normal appearances after vacation. San Fran in 4 days sounds amazing!!!!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Weekend Festivities

This weekend was filled with friends, family and lots of food! It was a great birthday indeed! Mom and I headed to Art of Bread first thing Saturday morning for almond croissants, followed by a little shopping at Anthropologie. Saturday night, the boy and I made dinner (pork chops with walnut truffle risotto and a side of dandelion greens). Friends came over after for drinks and a slice of cake made by Erich. It was amazing!

Carrot cake with coconut icing and hazelnut brittle.

Sunday Erich took me to Talula's Garden for brunch.

They only had french press coffee, which we were definitely into!

Warm crab toast with roasted yellow beets, cucumber, bacon and greens.

Local sausage with over easy eggs, and mashed ramps.

Sunday evening, my parents took us to Jamonera for dinner, and sad to say everything came to the table looking so delicious that taking pictures was the last thing I wanted to do. I just wanted to eat it all up! And I did. Erich and I shared eggplant fries with tomato dipping sauce, pumpkin croquettes in a yummy sauce, fried calamari (friend in ink!) with garlic chips, and beluga lentils with bacon and sausage. For dessert I had the warm cinnamon brownie with peanut brittle, caramel and a toasted marshmallow. YUM! Erich ordered the chocolate mousse with gelato. Also very very good. Everyone should go to here soon. It's a small space, so make sure you make reservations.
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