Monday, November 14, 2011

New weaving and New Shop!

So over the summer I purchased another loom. This time a 4 shaft Nilus Leclerec loom. It has been a bit of a challenge working with a different loom, but now all of the kinks have been worked out, and I am back in action. I just completed my first weaving a few weeks ago, and crafted a few cowls out of the weaving, which turned out to be around 137"x12". As you can tell from the photographs above my color choices this time around have been influenced by the bright neon colors that are trending in fashion. I feel some more bright work coming soon, perhaps in warmer tones. Think pink!

More to come soon after I move the loom and set up a new work space at the folks house. All of the above is available in my new

Materials: ashland bay superwash merino wool, alpaca silk, cotton alpine, alpaca, and cotton organic inca.

Photographs: Drew Shipe

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