Monday, September 3, 2012

Summertime pizzas

     This post is coming about two weeks late, but better late than never!  Before and during vacation Erich and I baked up some very delicious pies.  First for our friends, and then for his family down the shore.  The pictures below were taken in North Carolina.  We unfortunately did not get a chance to snap pictures of our grilled pies, but the topping combos were pretty much the same.

Shaved zucchini with fresh sliced tomatoes, capers and rosemary.
Oh, and a generous smear of goat cheese underneath....mmmmm delish!

The quintessential summer pie: tomato, corn, cilantro, avocado, and garlic!

One of our staple pies used to be the rosemary, red onion, pistachio combo, 
with a balsamic drizzle, but then we tried adding prosciutto to it.  
Game over.   
This is our new staple pie!

Our new novelty pie scene above has smoke coconut and some other 
wild ingredients that I'm going to keep under wraps because it's that special!

Mmmmmm..........can't wait to make some more pie!

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