Thursday, January 3, 2013

   It's a new year and what that means is it is the time to start fresh.  It's a time to forget about the hardships you've overcome in the past year and look back at the goals you set out to accomplish and completed.  A year ago, I wanted nothing more than to live in the same city as my boyfriend, grow in my current position and move elsewhere.  (I do miss you Philadelphia, more than I expected!)  What happened?  I was promoted at work, and made great strides transforming my position's role.  I quit my job even though I was promoted and moved to New York city.  I wanted to experience how other companies work and how my position as a print designer would come into play at a new place.  Quitting was super scary.  I am a very practical person, so this was no easy task.  Now I am freelancing in the New York area, currently at Madewell, and I am trying as best as I can to go with the flow.  I feel like I have learned so much already and I am excited for what the next year has in store.

  I am not sure how I began writing about all this.  I was just going to share a smorgasbord omelet recipe I threw together yesterday.  Something about peering into the fridge and seeing leftovers left me sad, so I set out to make something delicious with them because all I really want to do is cook up new delicious recipes with my smitten kitchen cookbook!!!!  I love you Deb!

  Anyway, there really is no recipe, but this is what I did.  I had some left over napa cabbage, about a 1/2 a head.  I did not peel and cut the cabbage, I just sliced through the cabbage, chopped salad style.  You know what I mean? Then I sauteed it in a pan with evoo, salt and pepper and garlic for a few minutes.  I threw that in a cast iron skillet with black bean salsa (black beans, garlic, yellow pepper, red onion, lime juice, chipotle peppers), 4 eggs, and some butternut squash sauce we had left over.  (I mixed the squash sauce with the eggs, then placed the egg mixture over the cabbage and salsa).  I baked it in the oven for 10 minutes at 325.  Then I added a handful of white cheddar and placed it back in the oven for another 5-10 minutes.  Some of you may be sneering at the contents of this frittata, but it came together pretty darn good.  Erich and I finished it all in one setting.....

  To a wonderful new year, with more recipes to come!  Happy eating!


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