Saturday, February 18, 2012

Cleanse week 2 and 3 update

Tomorrow marks the end of the 21 day whole living cleanse. I admit I broke down a few times for coffee and Valentine's treats, but for the most part I stuck with the plan. I feel lighter, my stomach troubles have vanished, and I don't miss meat, granola and cheese as much as I thought I would.

I plan to continue making some of the vegetarian recipes I learned to make on this cleanse. I feel like it will be easier to monitor how much and what I am consuming after this cleanse. The most important thing I learned from this cleanse is that it is easier on your digestive system to eat smaller meals more frequently, rather than bombard your digestive system with large, heavy meals. You always here this tip, and ignore it, but it is soooo true!

For the 2nd week, I continued to drink juice in the mornings or make smoothies. For lunch I made the lentil soup, and snacked on spicy pepita seeds and carrots with mint pea dip. For dinner, I made the roasted winter vegetables.

Third week's menu:

banana, soy milk, flaxseed +cinnamon smoothies
berry smoothie with pomegrantate juice and soy milk
steel cut oats with mixed berries and 1 plum

lentil soup (added leftover white beans and crushed tomatoes)
roasted beet and edamame salad for lunch

quinoa with poached egg, carrot and cucumber
scrambled tofu w/curry, ginger, garlic, kale, yellow pepper, red onion.

white bean dip w/carrots
black bean cookies (recipe here)
raw nut mix

All week 2 recipes, click here.
All week 3 recipes, click here.

This weekend I plan to make the rice noodles with broccoli pesto, and chick pea burgers for dinner one night.

All recipes and photos were found at
Have a happy, healthy rest of your weekend!

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