Saturday, February 18, 2012


Sorry for being a little behind schedule. I've been a bit under the weather, and I am just getting to post Valentine's Day festivities now. Last Saturday, Erich took me to ELA, a new place in Queens Village that I have been dying to try since it opened. Everything was amazing! I would have to say the scallop noodles were the most interesting and tasty dish we tried. The consistency was similar to large rice noodles, but they tasted like scallops. They were served in a creamy brown sauce with broccoli, chorizo and trumpet mushrooms. Mmmmm! Also the hot chocolate chip cookie dough was amazing! Anytime I see semi freddo on a menu, I order it. The consistency of the vanilla bay semi-freddo was not as soft and airy as the semi-freddo I ate in Italy, however the firmness worked with the other components of the dish (shaved chocolate, pureed banana, and hot chocolate chip sauce). I would definitely go back. On Tuesday, "my partner in the cleanse," gifted me with chocolate cupcakes and peanut butter hearts with chocolate cake inside. Needless to say I broke my cleanse a bit this week....oops! (It was worth it.)

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