Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Around the apartment

    It's hard to believe that I have been here a whole month!  Time has been flying!  The never ending project has been whipping our apartment into shape, and let me just say that last week was quite the workout!  Morning, noon and night, I sanded, primed, put on multiple coats of tongue oil or paint to different pieces of furniture I decided to rework.

Our apartment was literally an obstacle course of furniture for about 3/4 of last week.

     My parents let us have one of their chests so we could have extra storage in our kitchen/dining/living room in a stylish yet practical way.  (I think there should be a word for the combination of the three...just saying if you're living in new york you probably don't have all three).

     My uncle stripped the top of the table, and then Erich and I sanded down the chairs.  Not an easy task at all, but well worth it! We were originally going to do a dip dye thing with the white, but ended up color blocking instead.  The wall shelves are old milk crates and apple crates that we found at a thrift store in Brooklyn.  We needed extra cabinet space, and as soon as I saw the crates I knew they would be the perfect way to show off the beautiful dish ware set my parents gave to us.

     Erich's parents gifted us with a kemix, in addition to the new Sprouted Kitchen cookbook!  Loving that pour over coffee!

A little dip dye duvet.

We still have a few things to figure out, like lighting (Erich hates overhead lighting, but only has ugly lamps?!), as well as a few other things.  All in all, we made some serious headway and can sit back and relax a little more this week.

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