Friday, March 30, 2012

Cakes and birthday

Tomorrow, I will be one year closer to 30. Sad face. On the bright side, I rejoice in the fact that you are never too old to eat lots of cake and uber indulge on your birthday or birthday week.... Recently I found some neat cake recipes that have peaked my interest. I traditionally buy or have someone begrudgingly make me a carrot cake, but this year I could go for something a little less expected.

Pistachio olive oil cake
found at Design Sponge

found at Semiswede

Pumpkin Spice cake w/Coconut Vanilla Icing and Roasted Hazelnuts
found at My New Roots

I think the b/f is making the pumpkin spice cake with carrot cake instead? Not sure, excited to see what he comes up with. He can be quite the Master chef/baker when he wants to be.

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