Thursday, December 13, 2012

Deck the halls

   This weekend, Erich and I bought a tree and some tree fixings.  It's our first tree and Christmas season together.  Needless to say it has been one of the best, though I am missing my friends and family.  I am an only child so there is no one to assist my parents with the tree, so my Catholic guilt is kicking in.  

   Erich suggested that we start a little tradition in which we each add an ornament to the tree every Christmas season.  For our first Christmas, we went to Anthropologie and picked up the fluffy white owl, and the polar bear who is carrying a fish.  The other ornaments are from Target and make great fillers until we have a real collection of special ornaments. 

    We even put a little garland in our bathroom.  Oh and we made hanging planters in mason jars to bring a little life to our bathroom a few weeks ago.

    Sunday I sketched up a Christmas card, and we pulled out the Gocco and printed away!  I cannot wait to give them out!

It's official 12 days till Christmas!  Get your egg nog on!

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