Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Day 3 in SF!

Day 3 we started with some dynamo donuts in the mission!  Everything on the menu sounded amazing, but at 3.00 a pop, we knew Erich's original plan of ordering a dozen seemed more than a little ridiculous for multiple reasons...

We sat out in the garden and admired the beautiful orange poppies and black-eyed susans.

 Donut bread pudding w/a cappucino.

    (Clockwise)-Rosemary chocolate almond, vanilla bean, strawberry earl grey.  The Strawberry earl grey was our favorite.  By the time we left they had new donut offerings, but our bellies were full so we began our descent and ascent to the marina area to rent some bikes.

Check that van out.  It's about to tumble down the hill!

Burning off those donuts!

Ah the Golden Gate.

Lombard Street.

 A friend we made along the way to the beach.

The water was cold, but the sun felt like summer!

   After returning our bikes, we headed to the ferry building where we grabbed a bite to eat.  I think the most beautiful thing at the market were these exotic mushrooms.  The local creamery also provided me with some delightful tremor truffle cheese to snack on.  Mmmmm...gotta love local!

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