Thursday, May 3, 2012

Hong Kong Lounge

When I was 10, I took a trip with my parents to visit my family in Sacramento.  The one thing that stood out, even as a child (a growing foodie, one could say) was how amazing the dim sum was at Yang Sing in San Francisco.  To this day I remember arriving home from our trip still dreaming about the mango pudding and deliciousness that was had that day in the financial district.  Ever since I have been on the quest for the perfect dim sum, and knew I had to revisit my past experience on our trip.  We chose a different place this time, deciding that we'd steer clear of a ritzy dim sum experience and seek a more hole in the wall, home-cooking sort of meal.  After reading some reviews, we settled on Hong Kong lounge in the Richmond section of  SF.  Our meal at Hong Kong was one of our top foodie experiences while on vacation.  I debated posting these rather silly pictures Erich snapped while I was under a dim sum trance,  but they're pretty humorous, so enjoy!

We ate pork buns, shrimp and scallop dumplings, meat dumplings, some sort of veggie, coffee ribs w/whipped cream, sticky rice, sesame balls, mango pudding and some tea.


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