Saturday, May 5, 2012

    On our final day in San Francisco we started with some blue bottle coffee, then walked to Local's Corner in the Mission, where we had a delightful meal.  Later we went to the Anchor Steam brewery and had some tastes after a tour of their brewery.  It was definitely the nicest brewery I have ever toured.  They had copper brew kettles!  After the tour, we headed down to the dog patch, where my friend Alice gave us a tour of the chocolate company she is working with called Dandelion.  They are one of the only chocolate companies in the nation that starts making their chocolate with raw cocoa nibs.  Pretty impressive.  Erich and I luckily had the chance to taste the raw nib, the chocolate churning and then the final product.  It was interesting to see how the favor changed.  I'm really excited that they will be selling in Philadelphia soon at Pub and Kitchen cafe?  I guess its coming soon?

 smoked sturgeon w/beet salad

 anchor steam

 drinking on some barrels

raw cocoa nibs


pork belly salad

rabbit tortellini w/prosciutto

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