Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Day 2-Tartine and more!

   After lusting after pastries from Tartine, I finally had the chance to experience a few in San Francisco.  Although, the almond croissant did not stand up to the level of Art of Bread's almond croissants, they were pretty good and quite large.  Always a plus in my book with desserts.

Check out those treats!

     On our last night we came back and snagged one of the mini banana cream tarts with chocolate shavings.  The crust was super flaky and light like puff pastry.

This place is hopping even on a Thursday morning, so we perched by the windows.

Chocolate almond tart.

After pastries and a brief visit to Sausalito, we booked it to the Water Bar for an oyster happy hour.  

   We got amazing seats right at the bar and made it just in time to have not one but two drinks.  Prosecco and oysters?  Um, yes please! Erich of course had beers to accompany his oysters.  Sooo predictable. 

A little snap by the water, by water bar.  Ha.

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